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leftRIGHT Medium Attenuation Cap Earmuff

Code: HE-SordinBlu-CapMuff

Size: One size

Colour: Blue

Due to the super soft ear cushions, the light weight and the slim design of all passive hearing protectors, such as the left/RIGHT Passive Earmuffs, comfort is guaranteed for the whole day.

  • The new left/RIGHT Earmuffs are different from all existing hearing protectors. Individual muffs for the left and right ear compensate the asymmetric position of the ears on the head.
  • Large muffs provide more room for the ear to guarantee the right protection for all shapes and sizes of ears.
  • The left/RIGHT Passive Earmuffs are suitable for all kinds of work environments from heavy manufacturing to clean food processing, from construction sites to lawn mowing.
  • Certified to AS/NZS 1270.
  • Blue Class 4.